International Instructor (SaHyun)

Name: Master Philip Taverner
Grade: VII Dan (Master)
Promotion to I Dan: 1990
Promotion to IV: March 2001

Current Activity:
EXETKD Chief Instructor.
International Master, Examiner & Coach.
International Umpire Class A.
UKTA Tournament Committee.
UKTA Team England and Team GB Head Coach.

International Honours: 1996 through to 2014
ITF England Captain (four consecutive years).
Numerous English, Scottish, Welsh and UK Open National Championship medal and undefeated in sparring weight category.
6 times European Champion and multiple European medallist.
World Medallist.
ITF England International Team Coach 2007 to 2014.

Personal highlights:
I feel I am lucky to have so many highlights, I have trained with first generation Taekwon-Do Pioneers, namely First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha, Grandmaster Park Jong Soo and Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa.
My competition highlights are the European Championships Gold Medal Individual Sparring (alongside team golds) and World Championships Silver Medal Individual Sparring.
I am the first UK Taekwon-Do Instructor to be graded by the UKTA Grading Panel resulting in promotion to Master in 2018 by UKTA Grandmasters.

Sum up what Taekwon-Do means to you:
A way of life, an opportunity to make a difference to normal people and a chance to pass on my knowledge.



International Instructor (Sabum)

Grade : VI Dan GB-5-143
Date commenced training: Feb 1997
Promotion to I Dan : 04-3-2001
Promotion to IV : 04-09-2011
Current Activity:
EXETKD International Instructor
Member of ITF Women’s Commitee, Member UKTA Tournament Committee
International umpire class A

International Honours: 2002-2014
ITF England Captain
ITF England Coach
UKTA GB Captain
2x European Champion
Multiple European Medalist
World Competitor

Personal highlights:
Individual European Sparring silver
Promotion to V Dan

Sum up what TKD means to you :
A way of life that continually challenges me physically and mentally, encouraging me to be the best version of myself I can possibly be inside and outside the do jang.



International Instructor (Sabum)

Grade : IV Dan GB-4-321
Date commenced training: November 1998
Promotion to I Dan : 07-03-2004 Promotion to IV : 09-10-2016
Current Activity: EXETKD International Instructor National umpire class C
International Honours: 2006-2014
ITF England Captain
UKTA England Captain
UKTA England Coach
1 x World Champion
2x European Champion

Individual Highlights:
Captaining ITF England and being part of the squad that finished 4th overall country at the 2009 European championships
Promotion to IV Dan

Sum up what TKD means to you : Challenging, rewarding, exciting, character and confidence building.



Assistant Instructor (Boo Sabum)

Grade : II Dan
Date commenced training: 2010
Promotion to I Dan : Sept-2016
Promotion to II Dan : April-2018
Current Activity: EXETKD Assistant Instructor

Individual Highlights:
Veteran Colour belt overall champion 2015
Promotion to II Dan

Sum up what TKD means to you : Challenging, rewarding, character and confidence building plus great fitness!